Clifton Brides Your Appointment   

When to Visit? 

The best time to start trying on dresses is when you’re ready to commit to one when you fall in love with one!  
Its lovely to be organised , and most of our brides start the dress search around a year before the big day.  
At Clifton Brides we offer appointments Tuesday to Saturday (our Saturday appointments carry a £20 consultation fee refundable on any order). Whilst we try to accommodate those of you that haven't booked in advance it isn't always possible to see you, so please do call ahead to check availability. 
Your appointment with us will be in one of our private changing and viewing areas with a dedicated advisor to guide you in finding your gown. We will introduce you to our collection, assist you in trying on some carefully selected gowns and accessories and answer any questions you may have. 

  Who and What Should I Bring? 

At Clifton Brides, the most important thing we ask you to bring is an open mind. We work on a one-to one with our brides, ensuring privacy , our undivided attention and experience to guide you through the sometimes daunting process! 
It's natural to feel a little nervous, but please remember that we're here to help you. 
Picking the perfect gown is a special time, and in our many years’ experience, this is a moment best shared with one or two people that you hold dear and most importantly, trust. 
Resist the temptation to bring more guests than this as brides can become overwhelmed by the opinions of others. In addition, as we are a boutique , we simply dont have the capacity for large groups . 

   The Appointment 

Please bear the following in mind when you attend an appointment with us. 
We are here to help, to share our knowledge with you and guide you. Initial appointments usually last around an hour to an hour and a half. 
Please switch off mobile phones and fully indulge in this special time. 
Please respect our no photography policy.If you fall in love with one of our beautiful wedding dresses we are very happy to give you further information. 
Please consider the nature of a Bridal Boutique before bringing your little ones, we want you and our other clients, to relax and enjoy this time. 
Dispelling the myth of Clifton prices, our dresses to order range from £1000-£2000. 
Our sample dresses range from £500-£995